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February 2021

January was a month that will go down in the history books. Our clients hire us to lead them through the volatility and changes in the markets due to such a dynamic and evolving world. That is what we are going to do. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and prepare for the new administration. What does that mean? We have been rebalancing and repositioning our strategies into what we believe will be the beneficiaries for the next 12 months with a new incoming administration. Alternative energy, infrastructure, materials, consumer cyclical’s, travel, leisure, emerging markets, and currency hedges are what we believe to be the future theme. Take note that I didn’t say technology. That is because we will always own tech as a large position of our core holdings because of their dominant positions and unrivaled earnings power. With that said, regulatory issues and breakup chatter in the sector could cause possible volatility later this year.

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