The Truth Behind the Numbers:

As I write this article the S&P 500 YTD returns are 3.66% *As of 08/07/2020. The majority of that return is based on the five biggest companies in the index. Those companies are Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These 5 now make up more than 20% of the index in terms of market capitalization. The question becomes, what are we doing in the event these top names fall from grace? From a portfolio management perspective, you need to be prepared. We are tactical managers with a keen eye for risk management. Typically, we aim to avoid implementing outside money managers or mutual funds in our strategies. Our clients know what they own and why. This is designed to better allow the portfolio to be targeted in the areas that are generally working in the economy. We utilize hedging strategies to assist with risk mitigation which could include alternative investments or options. In suitable scenarios, we also use Gold as an asset
class which has historically provided tailwinds in the current landscape of the recent historic fiscal and monetary stimulus. The current environment is the epitome of challenging or volatile times and these are the moments that our
overall value to our clients can be greatly enhanced.

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